Prompt Center brought the quality spare parts, consumable parts and accessories for Cummins engine. We can provide both genuine parts and quality aftermarket parts to serve your customer and save your budget.


อะไหล่แท้ Cummins

Cummins Genuine Parts

     Prompt Center can provide the Cummins genuine parts. In addition, QuickServe program is available to help and support customer to identify the accurate and correct parts.  

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อะไหล่ Interstate McBee

Interstate McBee parts

       Prompt Center is the dealer of Interstate McBee parts for Cummins engines which be product of USA. Interstate McBee parts is well known of quality in USA and many countries.

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ไส้กรอง Fleetguard

Fleetguard filtration

     Prompt Center sold all ranges of Fleetguard filtration including air fitler, lube oil filter, fuel filter, coolant filter and coolant fluid which suitable for heavy duty engine in all industrial applications.

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Gates coolant hose

     Prompt Center sold the high quality coolant Gates which high heat resistant, long service life and suitable for all heavy duty engines. 

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Power Take Off (PTO)

     Our manufacturing department produces the high quality replacement of TwinDisc power take off (PTO) model SP111 and SP114.  

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Cummins  Interstate McBee  Fleetguard  Gates